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The Cat of Dancing Dog Designs: Taz

Taz is 13 now! She successfully negotiated "platinum kitty" status by cleverly growing a benign tumor on her adrenal gland - discovery and surgery were curative, but highly expensive. And she had a lovely line of staples on her tummy for some time, too.

She was somewhat peeved at having to share the household (and worse yet, her cat trees!) with another cat, Rico, but has gotten over it, now that we have a new puppy for her to be peeved with. Tully manages to put up with both cats (he also manages to snarf a bit of cat food when no one's looking).

Casual Taz
Now, this is the life!
So There
Finally, a big toy the dog can't play with!
Xmas Taz
Rob & Ingrid send the best Christmas presents!
Love those boxes
In fact, I think I like the box they come in best...
Well, *I* know if I'm coming
or going! And that's that!
monster kitten from hell
What can I mess up now?
Tippy Taz
The leaning tower of Tazzie
Taz in Jim's luggage
It moved - it's mine!!
Taz on the stairs
Taz pretending to be a vulture on the stairs

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