Winter Park, Colorado - January 2005

Friday afternoon - the view from the balcony at Red Quill Village. It snowed each day that we were there; I think it was geting ready to do so when I took this picture.
Mark and David preparing for the great outdoors (carbo loading...).
Jocelyn & Marcie enjoying the lazy Saturday morning.
The view of the Red Quill Village condos that are currently built. We rented the one on the leftmost end.
Walking along Vasquez Creek; it was a very nice trail
As you can see, the trees were quite tall, mostly lodgepole pine
More creek
Even more creek
We could see various ski trails along our hike
I liked this poster
After a long day skiing
Some sort of big decision being made....
Sunday we took a hike along the Jim Creek Trail across from the Winter Park ski resort.
Snow kept drifting down out of the trees
The path was so lovely; we were not the first out there, but no one had knocked snow off anything.
Great big pine tree with lots of snow.
Jocelyn and Marcie kept outpacing me as I stopped to take pictures.
I just really liked the textures here.
It was beautiful out in the woods.
Sunday evening, taken from the back deck. Once again, it was about to snow.

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