April 2004 - Trip to Norfolk via Pittsburgh and Lexington

Mermaids - on the pier

and on the streets

Koi by the "Folly"

A man and his propeller

The USS Wisconsin looks much narrower from this angle

Here it's obvious that it has been eating lots of cheese

16-inch guns

Aimed directly across the harbor....

Tug and paddlewheel by the pier

Lots of nice sailboats

Pathology cake

Botanical gardens were in bloom

More flowers

More flowers


More fauna (we didn't ask....)

Jims and Mermaid

Luckily she didn't squeal

Another case where we didn't ask

No cussin' in downtown Virginia Beach

Lexington - Keeneland Races

The track was a bit sloppy

But it didn't stop the crowd from coming out

Loading into the starting gate

Turf race to give the track a rest

There they go

The big screen TVs did come in handy when they were around the far side

Beanie and Taz investigate a present

Beanie decides it's for him

Happy dog