Italy, October 2010

Day 1 - Rome; the first of many churches, wandering around the Vatican City area

Day 2 - More churches, much door art, some ruins

Day 3 - Architecture, Borghese, Pantheon, more churches...

Day 4 - Venice! Our apartment, canals, Saint Mark's

Day 5 - Rialto market, canals, Santa Maria della Salute, Custom House, gondola repair

Day 6 - Another beautiful day all around Venice

Day 7 - Leaving Venice (then we took the train to Bologna)

Day 8 - Food tour all around Bologna and Modena

Day 9 - Ferrarra

Day 10 - Bologna

Day 11-12 - Travel day between 1st two pictures, then the Appian Way and the view from the "Wedding Cake"

Day 13 - Amazing bathroom at our B&B; Spanish Steps, more churches, art at the Borchese park