Visual Chronicles of Italy

Taken June 12-24, 2005, on my trip to Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany & a tiny bit of Umbria) with Jim Kaysen, Jocelyn Bowie and David Semmel. Good food, great company, warm and hospitable locals, amazing architecture - terrific fun!

A lot of the museums, churches and architectural sites that we visited did not allow photography, so a great deal of what we saw is not documented here.

These pages are photo-intensive, so please allow time for all the shots to download. Each thumbnail is linked to a larger version of the same shot, so if you want to see more detail, just click on the small picture.

Day One - First few pics of Roma

Day Two - We walked around the Vatican area, then hopped a bus down to Piazza Navona

Day Three - Farmer's market near the hotel, then the Vatican Museum in the PM

Day Four - A walking tour of the Colosseum, Forum, Palatine, and Pantheon, then Jim and I went to the Trevi Fountain (Please note that I haven't finished the captions on most of these....)

Day Five - Florence (not many pictures, as we spent some time on the train, trying to figure out how to use the table)

Day Six - Florence

Day Seven - A day trip to Lucca, with a picnic lunch in the mountains

Day Eight - Montelupo, San Gimignano, Siena

Day Nine - Siena

Day Ten - Montepulciano, a beautiful place whose name flows nicely off the tongue, as David proved many times

Day Eleven - Montefalco - I think; I can't remember if this is when we went to Deruta or it was the next day

Day Twelve - Todi & Orvieto; Assissi was in here somewhere (yesterday?), but we didn't take many photos because the cool stuff was in a "no photos allowed" area

Day Thirteen - Orvieto & Lago di Bolsena

All photos copyrighted by Alanna Clare, 2005