Day 7

Banff & Environs

Ok, the first time we saw bighorn sheep, it was pretty cool. Even the second time. But after a while, it became clear that there were as many of them as there are mushrooms! This is up on Sulphur Mountain - we took the gondola up.
Mountains as far as the eye can see.
Downtown Banff, the Bow River, and Tunnel Mountain
The obligatory flag shot.
Yes, this is all mine.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide how to become Canadian. I don't think just wearing the jacket will do it.
Bow River Falls, with - what else - mountains in the background.
Bow River. It was pretty chilly.
The Fairmount Banff Springs. We went there for a snack later and got lost wandering around the shopping area beneath it.
I loved the striations of these mountains. There was some geological action in the past!
The Hoodoos near Banff, limestone structures that the water wore away around.
The Hoodoos from a different angle.
Lake Minnewanka - a ma-made lake, there is a submerged village that scuba divers visit.
Downtown Banff from the balcony of the Wild Bill Saloon, where we stopped to rest our feet and have a beer (or two).
The Lower Hot Springs. Smelled of sulphur, but was very pretty. There's tropical fish in some of the ponds, but not the flashy colorful kind. They look mostly like minnows, but considering what the usual winter temperatures are in this area, it's still pretty cool that they're there. (Dumped from aquariums, not naturally occurring).
This is not white water, but white algae growing in the warm waters from the hot spring.
A logo on the Fairmount Banff Springs Hotel. It was built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad
The corner of Moose and Squirrel in Banff - had to get this for all those Bullwinkle fans out there!

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