Day 5

From Field (Emerald Lake) to Banff

Truffle Pigs Cafe and General Store - had an excellent lunch there one afternoon, and some truly great French toast the next morning on our way out of town. Highly recommended - and the Mounties like it too!
The paint pots in Kootenay National Park - a natural source of ochre. Some great color around!
Rainbow in brown tones...
Scenic bridge crossing the river on the way to the paint pots.
The aspens in the Banff area were just starting to turn. This was along the Bow River Parkway.
Two rivers - one glacier fed (foreground) and one spring fed (background).
Banff Avenue from the park at the top of the hill.
A longer shot, up by the Parks Administration building (reflecting pool in foreground).
The poppies were still blooming like mad in the gardens.
And the magpies were bold and ubiquitous.

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