Barcelona Day Five - March 23, 2002

Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia

Below are pictures of the Birth Facade, by Gaudi, who started work on what was planned as a neo-Gothic church, in 1883. This facade, facing east, represents the Nativity and the Mysteries of Joy.

View from the street


Closer yet


Love those blue stained glass windows

And the statues were amazing

Green cypress tree with doves of peace tops the Charity portal

Scenes from Christ's life
(note the Roman soldiers slaughtering babies)

Part of the Nativity Scene

Interior doorway

Stained glass

Closer view

Pieces ready to be put in place

New work going up

I believe these will be stained glass as well

"The Forest of Stone"

Closer view

Roof of the "forest

View of two other towers
from the Passion Towers (the passion inspired in me was mostly terror...)


View of the city

Below are pictures of the Passion Facade, sculpted by Josep Subirachs, who along with architect Jordi Bonet, has been in charge of the project since 1987. This facade, facing west, depicts the Passion and the Mysteries of Affliction.

Crucifixion scene with Judas giving Christ the kiss of death in the background

The Roman soldiers guarding Christ

Another view

Great bronze doors

Snails as downspouts

Salamanders as downspouts

Final view of Sagrada Familia

El Quatro Gats
- a great restaurant, matching the great ironwork!

Michael escapes from Bart and Homer

All photos copyrighted by Alanna Clare, 2002

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