Barcelona Day Three - March 21, 2002

Bus Tour & Park Guell

"Cat wall" near Hotel Turin

Casa Mila
("La Pedrera" or The Rock Pile)

Closer view

Gaudi banner

"The House of Spines"

(aka Spiny Norman)

Modernisme adds beautiful details to buildings

Very lovely old church

Another view

Plainest church we saw in Barcelona!

Just another building

Another of the Guell properties

Placa d'Espanya

The succulent gardens on Montjuic

Mosaic on an apartment complex

Stained glass on an apartment complex

Sagrada Familia
(Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia)

View of Crucifixion tableaux

New portion of Sagrada Familia going up

Selling palms for Palm Sunday

There are tons more pictures of Sagrada Familia at Day Five, when we visited and walked around inside.

A farther view of S.F.

And another

Entry to Parc Guell

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..."

One of two fairy-tale pavilions at Parc Guell

The other

A close-up of one of the mosaics

Kids love the lizard fountain

And so did I

One of the ceiling mosaics in the Hall of Columns


One of the covered walks


A view of the main plaza from the walkway

Several of the Gaudi-designed houses

Pamela's favorite roof

A view of the main plaza from above

The second pavilion from above

Torre Rosa, where Gaudi lived for a bit
(now the Casa Museu Gaudi)

Wrought iron fence at Torre Rosa

Mosaic at Torre Rosa

Scenic view outside Parc Guell
(wisteria was in bloom and smelled heavenly)

All photos copyrighted by Alanna Clare, 2002

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